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Participate in the technological and innovative ecosystem where promoters and investors communicate, finance and make their investments profitable.

Types of investment

We offer 3 types of investment where monetize your savings.

Capital Gain

Buy, renovate and sell.

Short term: 12 to 36 months

Profitability: 12% to 18%

Also called “Fix & Flip”


Buy, rent and sell.

Medium term: 3 to 5 years

Rent profitability: 3% to 6%

Return on capital gains: 10% to 16%


Loans to the Developer.

Fixed Interest: % linked to your investment

Variable Interest: % linked to success

Bridge, developer and construction loans

Types of assests

We are flexible, which allows us to focus on the assets that can offer the highest profitability, always looking for the best investment options according to market conditions and each developer.


Invest in single-family homes and residential developments.


Invest in multi-family buildings and commercial developments.

Short Term

Invest in short-term rental housing.

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