When choosing LINEAS RECTAS as your construction consultant, the project is still under the client’s direct management. We provide consultation services to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. As a construction consultant, LINEAS RECTAS can help the client make decisions regarding the project, and when involved from the beginning of the project can help with the design process as well.

Project Analysis

Once construction begins, LINEAS RECTAS, as your construction consultant will oversee the project’s organization and completion, including but not necessarily limited to scheduling, budgeting, procedural issues, problem solving and quality control. We can also manage materials acquisitions and monitor inventories to eliminate work stoppages due to inadequate supplies.

Project Control

Throughout the project, LINEAS RECTAS will monitor cost effectiveness and recommend strategies to improve construction methods for maximizing profits and minimizing time expenditure. We can advise the client regarding findings of job site safety inspections, as completed by either the client or the construction contractor, to ensure building code and safety compliance. In cases of unforeseen delays, LINEAS RECTAS can help determine the most appropriate action to resolve problems on the job site. Additionally, we will investigate any damages or accidents on the site and oversee the procedure to resolve claims, repairs etc.

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